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Become A Full-Stack Web Developer with Part-Time or Full-Time Intensive Courses at McGill

Web Developer Career Spotlight

One of today's fastest growing careers, web development plays a critical role in businesses and organizations across all sectors helping them to achieve their objectives through creation, management and optimization of websites, e-commerce platforms and web and mobile applications. According to data from EMSI Labour Marketing Analytics, the job market for web developers in Canada is set to grow by 7.3% by 2026 and as high as 9.3% in the province Quebec.

As COVID-19 radically changes our reality, more and more businesses are switching to e-commerce. Those without a strong e-commerce portal and associated infrastructure will need to build them out quickly. As a result, we can expect that demand for qualified web developers will only grow in the coming years.

Key Facts

  • 10,900: Expected number of job openings for web designers and developers between 2019-2028 (Government of Canada).
  • 7.3%: Estimated growth for the job market in Canada by 2026 (EMSI).
  • 9.3% Estimated growth for the job market in Quebec by 2026 (EMSI).
  • Quebec #1: Top province in terms of e-business web site developer job offers in Canada (Government of Canada, June 2020) with 23% more jobs than the national average (EMSI).
  • USD $40.0 Billion: Size of US market for web design services (

Career Options: Web Development

  • Front End Developer
  • Back End Developer
  • Full Stack Developer
  • Web Designer & Developer
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Software Developer

Salaries: Web Developer

  • Entry Level Salary: CAD $41,000
  • Median Mid-Level Salary: CAD $60,000
  • Median Managerial Salary: CAD $80,000
  • Source: Glassdoor

Professional Development Certificate

Full Stack JavaScript Development

10 Courses

Part-Time/Full-Time Intensive

(Temporarily taught by remote instruction)

The Professional Development Certificate in Full Stack JavaScript Development is a non-credit program designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills required to create modern interactive website and applications for a variety of needs and objectives.

Designed to offer a cutting-edge approach to learning and mastering the critical skills required to excel in a career as a Full Stack Web Developer, the program covers both client and server side JavaScript frameworks required to develop complete web applications with focus placed on JavaScript, HMTL5, CSS3, ReactJS, Node.js, ExpressJS and SQL.

Part-Time Evening or Intensive Day Format

The program is offered in two formats:

  1. Part-time program with evening classes and some Saturdays
  2. Intensive full-time format with classes during the day (and it’s not your standard bootcamp!)

Program Toolkit & Languages

Key tools and languages include:

  • HTML 5, CSS 3, JavaScript
  • flexbox, grid
  • ReactJS, React Router, Redux
  • NodeJS, ExpressJS, PostgreSQL
  • Git, Github
  • Npm
  • async/await

Learning Outcomes

The program is designed to enable you to:

  • Think like a computer so you’re able to “get inside the mind” of software systems and understand how to communicate your intent in a way that is understandable to a computer.
  • Turn images or designs into functional websites.
  • Build web applications that communicate with other computers in real time.
  • Plan, deploy and maintain databases and manage webserver/database communication.
  • Uncover the root cause of software issues and take corrective action.
  • Build the full skill set needed to plan, build, test and debug interactive websites and web applications for various devices and device types according to current industry standards.
  • Acquire a sufficient level of mastery to launch or advance your career in this fast-growing field.

Why Enrol?

  • Choose the certificate that matches your level of skills and grow all the way to becoming a full-stack developer.
  • Learn from active industry practitioners in practical classes focused on skill-building.
  • Study while you work with evening and Saturday classes.
  • Gain the design, coding, and development skills required to keep up with the ever-changing job market.
  • Position yourself for opportunities in this fast-growing field.

Why McGill

Situated in the heart of Montreal on the main campus of one of Canada’s leading universities, the McGill School of Continuing Studies offers innovative programs that aim to help adult learners gain the skills they need to launch their careers, advance their current careers or switch into a whole new field.

With over 70 programs in more than 25 subjects such as marketing, management, human resources, accounting, finance, data science and AI, the School is dedicated to creating skilled, future-ready leaders who can thrive in a rapidly changing world.

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